Xây Lắp Điện Quang Anh Co.,ltd’s Substation Department specializes in low voltage substation construction, modifications, and maintenance at voltages up to 22kV. While other contractors perform substation projects as a small part of overall operations, we has professional project managers, dedicated field leadership, and experienced craftspeople to specifically deliver substation projects. We maintains one of the largest continuously employed substation workforces in the Hochiminh city and executes projects throughout Vietnam. We would like to serve you in: design, consultant and construction of medium voltage power projects at 22kV and below, electrical power system in factory, transformer substations, industrial electrical board include: MSB Panel, ATS panel, APFC Panel…..

 We have the experience, people, and equipment necessary to complete the most challenging projects. We have a commitment to understanding your goals and tailoring solutions that exceed them.

These above quality policies are determined by all leaders and employees of our company. You need to build a new substation, please contact us for the best support from us.

Xây Lắp Điện Quang Anh is looking forward to cooperating with customers !!


Quickly – Accuracy – Efficiently – Always Improving

Quickly: Experienced and enthusiastic engineers in the field of electrical engineering will advise and select the fastest and most suitable solution for the project.

Accuracy: with the knowledge of products in the field of electrical engineering and prescribed standards, the Company always provides accurate information to customers in the shortest time.

Efficiently: Based on knowledge and experience in the field, the Company provides only solutions and products that bring efficiencies to customers and their projects.

Always improving: “ Always a pioneer in innovation ”, the company constantly researches, improves customer service processes, improves products-services to serve customers more effectively.

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Xây Lắp Điện Quang Anh build all kind of substation style include: Single pole mounted transformers, Two pole mounted transformers, One-pillar transformer substation, Outdoor substation, Indoor substation, Kiosk substation to fit specific applications from 3x15KVA through 4000KVA, with primary voltage ratings up to 22kv. In addition, we have single-phase pole-type transformers: 3x15KVA, 3x25KVA, 3x50KVA, 3x75KVA, 1x100Kva, 3x100KVA, 160Kva, 250Kva, 320Kva, 400Kva, 500KVA, 630KVA, 750KVA, 800KVA, 1000KVA, 1250KVA, 2000KVA, 2500KVA, 3000KVA, 3200KVA, 3500KVA, 4000KVA.

Transformers: Thibidi, Sanaky, Shihlin, Dong Anh …

MV equipment: Schneider RMU, Nulec / Schneider Recloser, Schneider LBS RB …

Air circuit breakers (ACB), CB blocks (MCCB), magnetic starters (contactor), … Mitsubushi/Japan, Schneider/Germany, LS/Korea

Electric cables: LS, Cadivi, Tai Truong Thanh, Thinh Phat …

electrical panels

Xây Lắp Điện Quang Anh are highly experienced in switchboard upgrades and new switchboard installations include: Main switchboard (MSB), LV Panel, Automatic transfer switch (ATS), Reactive power compensation panel APFC, Active harmonic filter for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

If you would like to discuss the cost of upgrading your switchboard, give us a call. Once of our certified electricians can discuss the various options before providing you with a free formal quote

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Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power System Solution

A grid-connected PV system consists of solar panels, inverters, a power conditioning unit and grid connection equipment. It has effective utilization of power that is generated from solar energy as there are no energy storage losses. When conditions are right, the grid-connected PV system supplies the excess power, beyond consumption by the connected load to the utility grid. But, in stand-alone systems batteries are used to store energy or else energy has to be directly connected to load.

Optimaze Power Factor & Harmonic Filtering

Xây Lắp Điện Quang Anh offer a range of products and services to ensure assess, harmonic filtering and improve power factor.
Our power factor correction and harmonic filtering equipment includes checking that the system is operating at optimum performance levels. We check the following:
Electricity load reduction
Voltage levels
Harmonic content
Detailed equipment condition
Full functional operation

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