Quang Anh Construction Electricity Company Limited, based in Vietnam, specializes in the construction and design of electrical systems, offering comprehensive consulting, design, and construction services for power lines and substations up to 35KV. Known for its robust growth, Quang Anh CE combines the expertise of seasoned leaders with the vigor of young, dynamic employees experienced in major Vietnamese companies and corporations. We excel in delivering high-efficiency power supply systems, including power lines, substations, and various industrial electrical cabinets.

As a premier contractor in Vietnam, Quang Anh ensures precise, technologically advanced electrical solutions for factories, residential communities, industrial parks, skyscrapers, and apartment complexes.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our use of authentic, certified materials and equipment, and our dedication to completing projects with a high level of responsibility, on time, and with impeccable quality. We continuously innovate our technical and construction approaches to meet the unique needs of each project. Our team is always ready to assist customers with any challenges or questions, ensuring competitive pricing for optimal economic value. This quality commitment is upheld by all our staff and leadership. For top-notch service in electrical system and substation construction, Quang Anh is your go-to partner.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you!


Quickly – Accuracy – Efficiently – Always Improving

Quickly: Experienced and enthusiastic engineers in the field of electrical engineering will advise and select the fastest and most suitable solution for the project.

Accuracy: with the knowledge of products in the field of electrical engineering and prescribed standards, the Company always provides accurate information to customers in the shortest time.

Efficiently: Based on knowledge and experience in the field, the Company provides only solutions and products that bring efficiencies to customers and their projects.

Always improving: “ Always a pioneer in innovation ”, the company constantly researches, improves customer service processes, improves products-services to serve customers more effectively.

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Installation of overhead and underground electrical distribution network for medium and low voltage

With a team of highly skilled engineers and hundreds of experienced workers, Quang Anh offers the best choice for large-scale projects such as overhead medium-voltage power line construction, robot drilling, excavation and restoration, underground power grid conversion, with high technical requirements, safety, and fast progress.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, which is why we never compromise on quality and expertise when it comes to Quang Anh’s services. Choosing us, you will experience the difference, as “Safety – Prestige – Quality – Progress” are the top priorities in every project we undertake.

Building overhead medium voltage power lines

Providing services for installing poles, pulling up to 22kV, 35kV overhead medium voltage cables

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Robotic drilling and trenching for cable installation

We offer services for underground medium and low voltage cable installation using robotic drilling machines for road cutting, trenching, transportation, and waste disposal…..

Undergrounding of power grids

Pulling HDPE pipes, threading medium and low voltage underground cables


Quang Anh CE build all kind of substation style include: Single pole mounted transformers, Two pole mounted transformers, One-pillar transformer substation, Outdoor substation, Indoor substation, Kiosk substation to fit specific applications from 3x15KVA through 4000KVA, with primary voltage ratings up to 22kv. In addition, we have single-phase pole-type transformers: 3x15KVA, 3x25KVA, 3x50KVA, 3x75KVA, 1x100Kva, 3x100KVA, 160Kva, 250Kva, 320Kva, 400Kva, 500KVA, 630KVA, 750KVA, 800KVA, 1000KVA, 1250KVA, 2000KVA, 2500KVA, 3000KVA, 3200KVA, 3500KVA, 4000KVA, 5000KVA, 6300KVA.

Vietnam Oil Transformers: Thibidi, Sanaky, Shihlin, EMC …

Dry type transformer: Siemens, ABB, Schneider, KP

MV equipment: Eaton, Schneider RMU, Nulec / Schneider Recloser, Schneider LBS RB …

Air circuit breakers (ACB), CB blocks (MCCB), magnetic starters (contactor), … Mitsubushi/Japan, Schneider/Germany, LS/Korea

Electric cables: LS, Cadivi, Tai Truong Thanh, Thinh Phat …

Single Pole Mounted Transformer

Pole mounted transformers to fit specific applications from 3x15KVA through 3x100KVA, with primary voltage ratings up to 35kv. In addition, we have to single-phase pole-type transformers from 15KVA to 100KVA.

Two Pole Mounted Transformer

Two polemount transformers to fit specific applications from 160KVA through 750KVA, with primary voltage ratings up to 22kv. In addition, we have three-phase pole-type transformers from 160KVA to 630KVA.

One-pillar Transformer Substation

One-pillar Transformer Substation to fit specific applications from 100KVA through 630KVA, with primary voltage ratings up to 22kv. In addition, we have three-phase pole-type transformers from 100KVA to 630KVA.

Outdoor Substation

Quang Anh build outdoor substation or Substations located on ground floor to fit specific applications from 320KVA through 4000KVA, with primary voltage ratings up to 35kv. In addition, we have three-phase outdoor substations from 320KVA to 6300KVA.

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Indoor Substation

Quang Anh build indoor substation or Substations  which the apparatus is equipped inside the substation building to fit specific applications from 320KVA through 4000KVA, with primary voltage ratings up to 35kv. In addition, we have three-phase outdoor substations from 320KVA to 6300KVA.

Kiosk Substation

Kiosk Substations are a complete package including; MV switchgear, transformer and LV switchgear installed inside a lockable enclosure on a steel or concrete plinth. Various switchgear and transformer configurations are available.  Quang Anh build kiosk substation to fit specific applications to 2500KVA with primary voltage ratings up to 35kv

electrical panels

Quang Anh CE are highly experienced in switchboard upgrades and new switchboard installations include: Main switchboard (MSB), LV Panel, RMU Panel, Reactive power compensation panel APFC, Active harmonic filter for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

If you would like to discuss the cost of upgrading your switchboard, give us a call. Once of our certified electricians can discuss the various options before providing you with a free formal quote

RMU Panel

Constructand install of Ring main unit 24KV or RMU cabinets of Eaton/Cooper, ABB, Schneider, junction boxes, underground cable terminal Raychem, 3M brands

Main Switchboard (MSB)

Main switchboard – assembled unit of electrotechnical components. It is used for receiving, measuring and distribution of electrical energy and protects the network from overload, short-circuit and current leak.

LV Panel

We have experience in a great number of industries, enabling us to confidently undertake the design of LV control panels and complex systems.The service we offer to clients takes your initial concept in order to produce a design that will bring your ideas to life.

our green energy solutions

Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power System Solution

Quang Anh build a green energy system which a grid-connected PV system consists of solar panels, inverters, a power conditioning unit and grid connection equipment and substation.

It has effective utilization of power that is generated from solar energy as there are no energy storage losses.

When conditions are right, the grid-connected PV system supplies the excess power, beyond consumption by the connected load to the utility grid.

But, in stand-alone systems batteries are used to store energy or else energy has to be directly connected to load.

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