Turn on the electricity of the 22kV 3200KVA Substation Project

Quang Anh CE CO.,LTD was the main contractor for the Xuyena Industrial Park 22kV 3200KVA substation project in Long An Province, Vietnam.

The scope of the project was to build a complete 22/0.4KV 3200KVA electrical substation.

This included the supply of all necessary materials and equipment such as Recloser, LTD, Circuit Breaker, Disconnecting Switches, Surge Arrester, Current Transformer, 3200KVA Transformer, Post Insulator, 24kV Schneider RMU, Control cubicle.

Protection cubicle, Marshalling cubicle, AC/DC cubicle, MSB panel including reactive power compensation capacitor, connection material, busbar material, terminal cable box, control cable, steel structure, and supervision of erection and commissioning of supplied equipment.

vietnam substation construction

MSB Panel for 3200KVA Substation

The substation was designed to provide reliable power to the Xuyena Industrial Park, and it was equipped with advanced communication and Scada systems to ensure effective operation and management. The project was completed on time and within the allocated budget, thanks to the expertise and professionalism of Quang Anh CE CO.,LTD.

Overall, the Xuyena factory 22kV 3200KVA substation project was a success, and it is a testament to the capabilities of Quang Anh CE CO.,LTD as a leading provider of electrical engineering services in Vietnam.

Quang Anh CE Service installing high-quality electrical substations 

The technical team of Quang Anh Company works on the construction site

Are you an FDI company planning to build a transformer substation in Vietnam? Look no further than Quang Anh CE CO.,LTD for all your electrical substation needs.

Our experienced team specializes in designing, supplying, and installing high-quality electrical substations that can accommodate consumption up to 7500KVA. We use top-of-the-line equipment and materials to ensure the durability, efficiency, and safety of your electrical substation.

With our turnkey solutions, we provide a seamless process from the initial design to the final commissioning of the substation. Our services include site survey, engineering, equipment and material supply, installation, and testing and commissioning. We also provide supervision and training to ensure the successful operation of the substation.

At Quang Anh, we prioritize our clients’ satisfaction and work closely with them to meet their specific requirements and timelines. Our experience and expertise in the industry have earned us a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner for FDI companies in Vietnam.

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3200KVA substation

3200KVA substation


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