Electricity Turn-On of 160KVA Substation at Di Linh, Lamdong Province

Quanganh Project: Construction and Commissioning of a 160KVA 22/0.4KV Substation in Di Linh, Lamdong Province

The Quanganh Project involved the construction and commissioning of a 160KVA 22/0.4KV substation in Di Linh, Lamdong Province. HM.CLAUSE, Inc served as the investor, while the Quang Anh Construction Electricity Co., Ltd provided the necessary equipment and executed the project.


160kva Vietnam substation


The project was successfully completed with utmost quality and professionalism, demonstrating the expertise and dedication of Quang Anh Electrical Construction Co., Ltd. It was completed on May 15th, 2019, in coordination with the Di Linh Electric Company.

Quang Anh Electrical Construction Co., Ltd carried out the connection of the 22KV power line, supplying power to the farm on the 22KV grid, and successfully conducted the commissioning of the 160KVA 22/0.4KV substation, providing power to the investor’s farm.

160kva Vietnam substation



If you require reliable electrical construction services, Quanganh is the perfect partner for you. Our Hotline is +84 919758191. Our team of experts is committed to providing the best quality products and services to our customers. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

160kva Vietnam substation

The 160 kVA 22/0.4 kV Substation with pole-mounted transformer has been successfully installed and is ready for power connection.

Quang Anh Electrical Construction commits to bringing customers the best quality substation construction services

Quang Anh Electrical Construction Co., Ltd is one of the leading companies in the field of constructing 160KVA substations in Vietnam. With an experienced team of engineers, workers, and modern equipment, the company has completed many large projects with guaranteed quality.

One of the typical projects of the company is the 160KVA 22/0.4KV substation in Gia Nghia commune, Di Linh district, Lam Dong province. This project was successfully implemented in 2019 in collaboration with the Di Linh Power Company. Quang Anh Electrical Construction Co., Ltd provided materials and equipment and carried out the complete construction process, from connecting the 22kV line, to supplying electricity to the farm into the 22kV power grid, and completing the electrical closing test for the substation.

With experience and professionalism, Quang Anh Electrical Construction Co., Ltd commits to bringing customers the best quality substation construction services. We guarantee customers about the quality of our products, construction progress, reasonable prices, and the best after-sales service.

Full-package substation construction services

If you have a need for constructing a 160KVA substation, please contact Quang Anh Electrical Construction Co., Ltd for the best advice and support. We commit to providing you with a comprehensive and effective solution for your electricity needs.

In the same period, Quang Anh Electrical Construction completed the connection and electrical closing test for a 1500KVA 22/0.4KV substation for a Spanish investor in the Long Thanh Industrial Zone, Dong Nai province.

thi công trạm biến áp 160kva


View the new construction project of a 22/0.4KV 1500KVA foundation substation here



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