Fast power outage handling service for 22/0.4Kv transformer substations

Fast power outage handling service for transformer substations

Are you experiencing a power outage at your transformer substation and in need of a reliable and high-quality service provider? With over 10 years of experience in the electrical construction field, Quang Anh Electrical Construction Co., Ltd is proud to be a leading provider of power outage handling services for transformer substations, transformer station repairs, transformer machine repairs, and transformer machine rentals during repair time.

Quang Anh Electrical Construction Co., Ltd is a company that provides fast power outage handling services for 22/0.4kV transformer substations in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. With an experienced team of technicians and modern equipment, we are committed to providing customers with a professional service, optimal solutions, and efficient and effective problem-solving.

 Transformer maintenance and repair

 repair transformer

Repairing power outage issues at transformer substations

We will conduct an inspection and determine the cause of the problem, and then proceed to resolve the issue by replacing, repairing, or maintaining the transformer and any damaged electrical equipment. After resolving the issue, we will conduct a thorough inspection and testing of the electrical system to ensure that the system is operating stably and safely.

Rental service for transformer machines to be used during the repair of damaged transformer machines, ensuring continuous power supply.

 repair transformer
Transformer rental service during the repair time of damaged transformer machines.

In addition, we also provide rental services for transformers during the repair of damaged transformers, power outages in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby provinces. Our transformers are fully equipped with the necessary features and functions to ensure the stable and safe operation of your electrical system during the repair or maintenance process. At the same time, we are committed to providing the best quality services, ensuring safety for substations and transformers, and the most competitive prices on the market.

To meet the needs of our customers, we provide transformers with different capacities, from small to large, at affordable prices and flexible rental periods. In addition, we guarantee the quality and safety of the transformers for rent.

With many years of experience in handling electrical failures, we have been highly appreciated by customers for the quality of our services and reasonable prices.

If you are experiencing an electrical problem or need to rent a transformer, please contact us at Hotline: 0919758191 for the best support.

1- Power outages at 22/0.4kV substations can include:

 repair transformer

  1. Electrical wire damage or breakage: Damaged or broken electrical wires can lead to the risk of power loss at the 22/0.4kV transformer station.
  2. Unstable voltage: Unstable voltage can occur when electrical equipment in the station is faulty or due to external incidents affecting the power system.
  3. Electrical overload: Overloading the transformer station can lead to the risk of power loss or damage to the transformer or other electrical equipment in the system.
  4. Incidents during operation: Incidents during operation, including technical errors or employee mistakes, can also cause power loss at the transformer station.
  5. Weather-related incidents: Storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, and weather conditions such as lightning strikes that cause transformer explosions can also lead to power loss at the transformer station.

Therefore, providing quick and professional solutions to handle such incidents is crucial to ensure stable operation of the power system and meet the electricity needs of customers.

The service for handling power outage incidents at the 22/0.4kV transformer station is one of the important services to ensure stable and continuous operation of the power system.

2- Services to handle power outages at 22/0.4kV transformer substations may include:

 repair transformer

Identifying the cause of the incident: A technician will come to the substation to inspect and identify the cause of the power outage. The causes may include short circuits, technical errors in the transformer, errors in the power distribution system, or other factors.

Resolving the incident: After identifying the cause of the power outage, the technician will proceed to resolve the incident by replacing, repairing, or maintaining the damaged electrical equipment. They may also install replacement equipment or other transformers during the repair time to ensure continuous power supply for customers.

Testing and checking: After resolving the incident, the technician will test and check the electrical system to ensure its stability and safety.

Reporting and evaluation: The technician will create a report on the activities performed and assess the condition of the electrical system to provide solutions to improve its quality and ensure its stability.

Depending on the scale and complexity of the incident, resolving power outages at 22/0.4kV substations may require professional technicians, special equipment, and tools to ensure the quality and efficiency of the work.

In cases where the customer’s transformer is severely damaged and cannot be repaired, a new transformer substation may need to be constructed.

 repair transformer

Quang Anh constructs a new 2500KVA substation – Long Hau Industrial Park, Can Giuoc, Long An

Quang Anh Electrical Construction Co., Ltd. specializes in providing new transformer station construction services in cases where customers’ transformers are severely damaged and cannot be repaired, requiring replacement, with a large capacity range from 3x15KVA to 7500KVA and various types of transformer stations such as hanging transformer stations, gantry transformer stations, foundation transformer stations, steel pole transformer stations, kiosk transformer stations, room transformer stations, etc.

We are committed to providing customers with the fastest and most effective solution for building and replacing transformers. Before implementing the replacement of the transformer, we will inspect and evaluate the specific condition of the transformer station, thereby providing the most suitable replacement solution.

We use modern machinery and equipment to ensure quality when replacing transformers with different power ranges. At the same time, we also ensure safety and meet technical standards when performing work.

We guarantee quality and timely completion of the project according to the schedule, helping customers save time and costs. Additionally, we have a team of professional technicians ready to support customers in the process of using the new transformer station.

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