Installing centrifugal concrete poles at Long Hau Industrial Park

On December 28th, 2022, Quang Anh Electrical Installation Company completed the installation of centrifugal concrete electric poles with a height of 14 meters (BTLT 14m) at a new construction site of a 2500kVA kiosk substation in Long Hau Industrial Park, Long An province. The construction of centrifugal concrete electric poles must be carried out carefully to ensure safety for humans and vehicles, especially when using self-propelled cranes for construction.


Below are some important notes and experiences to keep in mind when constructing centrifugal concrete electric poles using self-propelled cranes.


  1. Preparation before constructing centrifugal concrete electric poles

    Before constructing centrifugal concrete electric poles, the crane operator must check and prepare the following tasks to ensure safety:

    Check the strength of the concrete foundation of the pole and only construct the pole when the concrete reaches the standard strength. Check the weight of the pole and compare it with the crane load to arrange the appropriate equipment. Check the terrain where the pole will be constructed to ensure that the crane can position itself properly and rotate easily. The terrain where the pole is to be constructed should be checked for any obstacles such as electrical wires or other obstacles. Clean the bottom of the pole hole before construction.


  • Clean the base of the column before placing it into the foundation hole. Coordinate and communicate with the electrical management team to verify that the electricity has been disconnected from the grid before erecting the column. This process is essential to ensure the safety of humans and vehicles during the column construction near the live power lines.
  1. Concrete centrifugal pole construction using a self-propelled crane is possible depending on the location of the foundation hole and the terrain. However, to ensure optimal construction efficiency, Xay Lap Co., Ltd. continues to use the method of erecting concrete centrifugal poles using self-propelled cranes. This method will help increase construction speed and minimize risks during the construction process.

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First, the self-propelled crane will be positioned on the construction site. Then, the equipment parts such as the crane arm, anti-overturning float, and cables will be installed and checked before starting the pole construction.

Next, the crane will move to the location of the previously prepared foundation hole. By using the crane arm, the fixed components will be placed into the foundation hole for the concrete pouring process.


After the concrete has been poured into the foundation hole, workers will proceed to mold the concrete into the desired shape of the pole according to the design engineer’s specifications. This process will take approximately 24 to 48 hours for the concrete to fully harden.

Once the pole has hardened sufficiently, the self-propelled crane will continue to lift the pole out of the foundation hole and into its final position. During this process, the crane will be precisely controlled to ensure the safety of the pole and those involved in the construction process.

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After the pole has been placed in its final position, workers will proceed to pour concrete into the base of the pole to complete the construction process. From there, the electrical pole will become sturdy and meet the safety and quality requirements.

  1. Complete the work after constructing a concrete electrical pole.

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After completing the construction of the concrete electrical pole, the finishing work will include the following steps:

Check the safety of the concrete electrical pole, ensuring that it has been placed in the correct position, with the correct tilt and height as required. Check if the pole is strong and sturdy enough to bear the load. Clean any dirt or debris from the surface of the pole, and fill in any gaps with concrete if necessary. Protect the electrical pole by applying anti-rust paint, waterproof coatings, and other measures to prevent corrosion and minimize the impact of weather. Install accessories such as nameplates, signs, lighting fixtures, and protective devices such as copper tubes to prevent lightning strikes.

  1. Conclusion


The construction of prestressed concrete electric poles is an important task that requires high expertise and experience. Quang Anh Electric Construction and Trading Co., Ltd. has the necessary experience and fully equipped tools and equipment to construct concrete electric poles safely and efficiently.

The use of a mobile crane to erect 14-meter prestressed concrete electric poles for a 2500kVA kiosk substation at Long Hau Industrial Park, Long An is a crucial factor in ensuring that the pole construction work is carried out quickly and safely. We hope that this article will help you better understand the process of constructing prestressed concrete electric poles and contribute to enhancing safety in construction projects.

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