Undergrounding the power grid

Undergrounding, Underground Construction of Power Grid, Digging and Re-establishing cable troughing, Drilling across the street by robot


You are looking for a contractor to construct medium voltage underground cable packages, conduct extensive construction, install low voltage underground cables, underground cables to supply power to companies, factories and enterprises.

Are you wondering which unit to write to? Please trust and choose to use our services, Quang Anh Electrical Construction Company specializes in underground construction. We always provide our customers with professional and reputable grid undergrounding services.

Undergrounding the power grid

Quang Anh Electrical Construction Company is a contractor specializing in the construction and installation of medium and low voltage underground cables. We perform package jobs from drilling robot through the road, digging underground cable trenches, laying strips of cable protection plastic pipes to filling soil, pulling cables in protective pipes and clearing debris, dumping waste, returning ground.

Underground cable pulling video

We always survey the terrain carefully to come up with the best construction plan to avoid affecting the architecture and structure of other adjacent works, as well as the safety of people and construction vehicles.

Undergrounding the power grid

Coming to us, you will be consulted on the design and construction of a package in the form of a package, ensuring that you will be assured of the quality of service and the quality of technical & art works. You will feel the difference, with Quang Anh “Safety – Prestige – Quality – Progress” are the most important things in each project.

If you have a need for related services, please contact us to get the best support from us.

Quang Anh CE is looking forward to cooperating with customers!!

Undergrounding the power grid


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Undergrounding the power grid