Construction of 22KV 630KVA transformer substation and connection line

Construction of 22KV 630KVA transformer substation and connection lines

Project Overview:

Construction of 22KV 630KVA transformer substation and connection line
Where: 8 street, VSIP 1 Industrial zone, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
Quang Anh Services: Engineering Consultancy

About the Project:

630KVA substation
Our client approached us with the requirement of improving their eletrical system , and Construction of 22KV 630KVA transformer substation and connection line in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. These constructions were to bring the factory power system with higher capacity as factory expand production. What’s more is that these improvements must be made without interfering with current operations. Of course, we were happy to help!

We were engaged to tackle the detail design and make relevant documents with EVN. In addition we also managed the schedule and optimised the costs for the work, which is due to be completed at the end of 1/11/2021.

Why Quang Anh for construction of 22KV 630KVA transformer substation?

From our initial discussions with our client, we were keen to demonstrate our expertise and experience in this field, having worked on substation constructions projects previously.
We are also well-versed in working while plants remain operational, and have a great deal of experience when it comes to meeting international safety standards. We were delighted to be chosen for this project with our client citing their reasons as our specialist capability working in Electrical, as well as our capacity as a consultancy and construction firm to effectively take on the project with our in-house expertise.

630KVA substation

We are delighted that this project is well underway. And we can confirm that construction of 22KV 630KVA transformer substation and connection line to meet safety standards are taking place while the plant remains operational, exactly according to our client’s requirements. Projects like this are right up our street – we love them!

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Project specifications
Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

Specifications of 630KVA Substation:

630KVA substation
Transformer capacity : 630Kva substation (new installation)
Voltage level: 22/0.4kV /Y
Station location:  Place on outdoor platform.

Medium side:

630KVA substation

+ General use 01 Recloser 24kV – 630A (hh) reinstalled to protect stations 1 and 2 of Asuzac factory.

+ Existing 03 LBFCO 24kV – 200A + replace 65K lead at power supply post (hh)

+ Existing 03 LBFCO 24kV – 100A + replace 20K lead to manage and operate the substation

+ Capture the transformer terminal on the primary side of the transformer.

Low voltage side:  

630KVA substation

Use MCCB 3P-1000A in combination with 01 ground protection relay and 01 overcurrent protection relay to protect the plant (new installation).

Snake: existence
Insulation: existing
Measuring system:
Current transformer (TI): 03 TI 65/130A – 24kV (replace new)
Transformer (TU): 03 TU 12000/120V – 24kV (available)
galvanometer: reset
Phase wire: use 02 copper cables covered with 600V-CXV 1Cx240mm2
Neutral wire: use a cable of 01 copper cable covered with 600V-CXV 1Cx240mm2.
Earthing station: existing
Low-voltage capacitor: To ensure the power factor (cosj) of substation 9, install a new low-voltage capacitor bank of 250kVAr

630KVA substation


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